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AUpairUA Agency
License ¹ AA 840943, issued by the State Tourist Administration of Ukraine

Address: AUpairUA Agency, Druzhbi Narodov 7/22, 01042-Kiev, Ukraine
Postal: AUpairUA Agency, PO Box 114, 03150-Kiev, Ukraine

e-mail: info@study.com.ua
Web-site: www.Au-Pair.com.ua

Telephone: +38 044 501 1267
Fax: +38 044 529 3896


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


Our agency has been working in the sphere of Au-Pair placement and youth work/educational programs abroad since February 1998, and cooperates fruitfully with partner agencies in Germany, France, USA, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland and Austria. Since 2004 we have been a member of IAPA International Association.


All our staff members have been previously engaged in different youth  exchange programs themselves. We have a reliable and responsible young team ready to implement its energy, skills and abilities in the sphere of international youth programs. Currently we have a staff of eleven people. We conduct interviews and preparation seminars in English, German and French, we speak also Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and of course Ukrainian and Russian. 


Our agency has a net of regional representatives in the main cities of Ukraine, where we look for and thoroughly select young people on the basis of their knowledge of foreign languages, intelligence, self-advancement and motivation.


While choosing the candidates, we pay great attention to their level of education. Although there are plenty of young people who would like to participate in international exchange programs, not all of them really meet our standards.


We carefully prepare the potential candidates for their stay in foreign countries, and provide them with all the necessary information. All participants attend our well-elaborated seminars, where all the aspects of the programs are vividly illustrated.


We help people accept and adopt new style of life, change their way of thinking, notice their own possible failures and treat them critically, thus making the effects of cultural shock less severe. Our experience shows that due to our all-inclusive preparation program the candidates are more successful in defining their own goals and justifying the hopes of the inviting party.


Unlike most of our Ukrainian competitors, we have a real possibility of screening potential candidates, as the price of our services is one of the most moderate in Ukraine. For example, we charge only USD 80 for our Au Pair in Germany program. Due to this we have more applicants and, consequently, more opportunities of screening them.


We are constantly looking for new reliable partners abroad and will be happy to start fruitful cooperation.


With kind regards,

AUpairUA Agency


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